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UPTU passing rules (Year back rule) for B Tech

what is Credit system

  • if the students got full credit then students will be allotted to pass status.
  • if the students got zero credit (0) then their status will be shown fail.
  • and on the basis of this credit the status of students may be differ as pass,fail,PCP,PCP-A.

Fail status condition :-

if the student status show fail then the students will be not permitted to next session it means student gets year back.

Pass status :-

in case of pass status the student gets their minimum marks and credit  then will be permitted to promote yo the next year.

PCP(Pass with carry over) :- 

the pass with carry over status when shows when the students got back in respected subject and with 24 or more than 24 credit then their status will be shown PCP.

PCP- A Status : 

This is provisional status which is provide to students when students have 26 or more than 26 credits in theory subjects and 8 or more than 8 credits in practical subjects by appearing in carryover exam. In case a student will fail to fulfill this condition, the PCP-A status shall be changed to Fail.

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