Punjabi university BA 1st,3rd,5th SEM exam result 2015/download Punjabi university BA 1st,3rd,5th SEM exam result 2015/Punjabi university BA 1st,3rd,5th SEM exam result 2015 roll number wise,name wise,year wise,semester wise,sem wise

The Punjabi university declared their BA 1st,3rd,5th SEM examination result ,which was conduct on month of nov-dec 2015-2016 and this time all copies has been checked and all marks has been uploaded at official website of Punjabi university i.e Punjabi university,ac.in and all students now this time easily catch your result of BA 1st,3rd,5th SEM examination 2015-2016-2015.so all those students who want to download your examination result of BA 1st,3rd,5th SEM from Punjabi university ,here we have provide you some links for easily download your Punjabi university BA 1st,3rd,5th SEM examination result in simple file ,so kindly go to direct link and collect your Punjabi university BA 1st,3rd,5th SEM examination result .

every year at this same time the university i.e Punjabi university conduct this written examination at the various examination centers and a very large number of candidates was appeared in the examination and a very large number of candidates check their results online from this website and this year also a very large number of candidates was appeared in the examination and now this time a large number of candidates searching for their Punjabi university all courses exam results ,so here we have provide you a best link of official website in order to downloading your Punjabi university all courses exam results ,so all candidates check below links and download your Punjabi university result 2015.

university name=>Punjabi university

examination name=> BA 1st,3rd,5th SEM exam 2015-2016-2015

date of examination =>n/a

official website=> punjabiuniversity.ac.in

publisher name=> Results idea !

how to download - Punjabi university BA 1st,3rd,5th SEM exam result 2015

in order to download your Punjabi university BA 1st,3rd,5th SEM examination result 2015-2016-2015,all students follow my some points and easily get your Punjabi university BA 1st,3rd,5th SEM examination result 2015-2016-2015 in simple way and in simple file format.

all students firstly go to important links,then opening a website ,which is your university official website ,then choose your course i.e b,ed and hence click on it ,finally a result check box will be open ,then fill your roll number and submit then your result will be shown.

Punjabi university BA 1st,3rd,5th SEM exam result 2015-2016-2015


Result  April-2015/Dec-2014
>Punjabi university (PU) B.Tech. Electronics & Communication Engineering Sem-VI 2015-201618/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) B.P.T. Part-IV 2015-201618/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) B.A. Sem-II 2015-201617/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) B.Sc. H.H.M. Sem-II 2015-201617/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) B.Tech. Civil Engineering Sem-IV 2015-201617/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.B.A.  Applied Sem-VIII 2015-201617/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) B.Pharmacy Sem-IV 2015-201617/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.Sc. Biotechnology Sem-II 2015-201617/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.Sc. Pharmaceutical Chemistry Sem-II 2015-201617/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.C.A. Sem-II 2015-201616/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) L.L.B. Sem-II 2015-201616/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.Sc. (A.S.P.) Sem-II 2015-201615/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) B.C.A (Reappear) Sem-II 2015-201614/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) B.Pharmacy Sem-VI 2015-201614/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) L.L.M Sem-II 2015-201614/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) L.L.M Sem-IV 2015-201614/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.Sc. I.T. Part-I 2015-201612/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.Sc. I.T. Defficient Part-I 2015-201612/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) B.Sc. Agriculture Sem-II 2015-201612/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) B.Sc. Bioinformatics Sem-II 2015-201612/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.Ed. Part-II C.C. 2015-201612/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.Sc. Physics(Nano-Sci & Tech.) Sem-II 2015-201611/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.Sc. Applied Physics Sem-II11/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.Sc. Physics Sem-II11/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) B.P.E. Part-II Three Year Course Reappear11/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) B.P.E. Part-III Four Year Course11/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.Com. Part-I Annual11/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) B.Tech. Civil Engineering Sem-VI Regular/Reappear11/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.B.A. Applied Sem-IV11/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.B.A. Global Sem-II Regular/Reappear11/09/2015
>Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling & Psychology Sem-II10/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.Ed. Part-I C.C.10/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) B.Ed. Part-II C.C.10/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) B.A.L.L.B. Sem-II09/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.A. Theatre & Television Sem-II09/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.Sc. Food & Nutrition Sem-II09/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.Sc. Statistics Sem-II09/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.Sc. Statistics Sem-II Reappear09/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.Sc. Geography Sem-II09/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.Sc. Geography Sem-II Reappear 2015-201609/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.Lib.09/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) Post Graduate Diploma in Forensic Science09/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.Sc. A.M.C. Sem-II08/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.Sc.(Hon's) M.F.T. Sem-II08/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.Sc.(Hon's) Biotechnology Sem-II08/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) B.Sc. Agriculture Sem-IV08/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.A. Religious Studies Sem-II08/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) B.Sc.Fashion Technology Sem-II07/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) B.Com Professional Sem-IV (Reappear)06/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) B.Com Professional Sem-IV (Regular)06/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) B.A.Hon's School in Dance Sem-IV04/09/2015
>B.A.Hon's School in History Sem-II04/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.Sc. Sports Coaching Sem-II04/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) B.Ed. Part-I Sem-I Reappear04/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) B.P.Ed. Part-II Four Year Course04/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.A. J.M.C. Sem-II04/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.A. Public Administration Sem-II04/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.A. Sociology Sem-II04/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.A. Defense Studies Sem-II03/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.A.Hon's Punjabi Sem-IV03/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) B.Sc.Bio-Informatics Sem-IV03/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) B.A.Hon's Political Science Sem-II03/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) P.G.D.C.A. Sem-II Revised03/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) B.Ed. Part-I C.C.02/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.Sc. Botany Sem-II Regular02/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.Sc. Botany Sem-II Reappear02/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) B.A.Hon's School in English Sem-II02/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) B.Sc. A.T.H.M. Sem-II02/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.Sc. Microbiology Sem-II02/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.Sc. Environmental Science Sem-II02/09/2015
>Certificate Course in Urdu (Distance Education)02/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.B.A.Term-I02/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.B.A.Term-II02/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.B.A.Term-III02/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.A. History Part-I02/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.Sc. A.T.H.M. Sem-II02/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.Com. Finance Sem-IV02/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.A. English Part-I01/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.Sc. Applied Physics Sem-III Preponement01/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) L.L.B. Sem-IV01/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) B.Sc. Industrial Microbiology Sem-II01/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.Sc. Agriculture Sem-II01/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) B.Sc. Agriculture Sem-VIII01/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) B.P.E. Part-I Three Year Course01/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) B.P.E. Part-I Four Year Course01/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.A.English Sem-IV01/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.A.History Sem-II01/09/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.B.A. Sem-II Regular31/08/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.B.A. Sem-II Reappear31/08/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) B.B.A. Sem-IV31/08/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) B.Lib.31/08/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) B.P.E. Sem-II Four Year Course31/08/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.Sc. Human Genetics Sem-II31/08/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) B.Sc. H.M.Sc. Sem-II31/08/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) B.Sc. M.C.M. Sem-IV31/08/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.A. Punjabi Part-I Annual28/08/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.A. J.M.C. Part-I & II Annual28/08/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.A. Fine Arts Sem-II28/08/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.A. Philosophy Sem-II28/08/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.Sc. (Forensic Science) Sem-II28/08/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.A.Political Science Sem-II28/08/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.A.Education Sem-II28/08/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.Sc.(Hon's.) Biotechnology Sem-IV28/08/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.Sc.(Hon's.) M.F.T. Sem-IV28/08/2015
>B.A.(Hon's.) J.M.C. Sem-II28/08/2015
>B.A.Hon's School in Political Science Sem-IV28/08/2015
>B.A.Hon's School in History Sem-IV28/08/2015
>B.A.Hon's School in English Sem-IV28/08/2015
>P.G.D.C.A. Sem-II Reappear28/08/2015
>Shastri Part-III28/08/2015
>Diploma in Sanskrit27/08/2015
>B.Com Sem-IV27/08/2015
>B.A.(Hon's) J.M.C. Sem-IV27/08/2015
>M.Sc. (A.S.P.) Sem-IV27/08/2015
>B.Sc.(C.S.M.) Sem-IV27/08/2015
>B.A.Hon's School in Punjabi Sem-IV27/08/2015
>M.Sc. Hon's Botany (FYIC) Sem-VI26/08/2015
>M.A. History Part-II Annual26/08/2015
>M.A. Economics Part-I Annual26/08/2015
>M.Sc. Botany Sem-IV26/08/2015
>M.Sc. Chemistry Sem-IV26/08/2015
>M.Sc. Applied Physics Sem-IV26/08/2015
>M.A. Religious Studies Sem-IV26/08/2015
>B.C.A. Sem-IV Reappear25/08/2015
>B.Sc. Human Development Sem-II25/08/2015
>D.P.Ed. Part-I25/08/2015
>B.Sc. Fashion Technology Sem-IV25/08/2015
>B.Sc. Agriculture Integrated Course Sem-X24/08/2015
>B.Sc. ( A.T.H.M.) Sem-IV24/08/2015
>M.A. Political Science Part-I Annual24/08/2015
>M.Sc. Sports Science Sem-II24/08/2015
>M.A. Philosophy Sem-IV24/08/2015
>M.A. Punjabi Sem-IV22/08/2015
>M.A. Hindi Part-I Annual22/08/2015
>M.A. Public Administration Part-I Annual22/08/2015
>Certificate Course in Soft Skills & Personality Development22/08/2015
>Diploma in Computer Hardware & Networking Sem-II22/08/2015
>Diploma in Food Production Sem-II22/08/2015
>M.C.A. Sem-IV21/08/2015
>Certificate Course in Arabic21/08/2015
>Certificate Course in Urdu21/08/2015
>Certificate Course in Persian21/08/2015
>Diploma in Divinity21/08/2015
>Intensive one Year Diploma in French21/08/2015
>Diploma in Food Production21/08/2015
>Diploma in Urdu21/08/2015
>P.G.Diploma in Insurance & Banking21/08/2015
>M.A. Linguistics Sem-IV21/08/2015
>B.Sc. Agriculture & Business Management Sem-II21/08/2015
>M.Sc. Physics Sem-IV21/08/2015
>M.Sc. Food & Nutrition Sem-IV20/08/2015
>M.Sc. Psychology Sem-II20/08/2015
>M.A. Economics Part-II Annual20/08/2015
>M.A. Hindi Sem-II20/08/2015
>M.A. Sanskrit Sem-II20/08/2015
>M.A. Urdu Sem-II20/08/2015
>B.Lib Sem-I Reappear19/08/2015
>M.Com. Part-II Annual19/08/2015
>M.A. Women Studies Sem-IV19/08/2015
>M.A. Music Instrumental Sem-IV19/08/2015
>M.A. Music Vocal Sem-IV19/08/2015
>M.A. T.V. & Film Production Sem-IV18/08/2015
>M.A. Hindi Sem-IV18/08/2015
>M.A. History Sem-IV18/08/2015
>M.A. Religious Studies Part-I (Annual)18/08/2015
>M.A. English Part-II (Annual)17/08/2015
>M.A. Gurmat Sangeet Sem-IV14/08/2015
>M.A. Sanskrit Sem-IV14/08/2015
>M.A. Public Administration Sem-IV14/08/2015
>M.A. Social Work Sem-IV14/08/2015
>M.B.A. C.C. Part-II14/08/2015
>M.B.A. Term-III14/08/2015
>M.Sc. (Geography) Sem-IV14/08/2015
>M.A.Political Science Part-II Annual14/08/2015
>M.A.Sociology Sem-IV14/08/2015
>B.Com. Sem-II13/08/2015
>M.Sc. (Sports Science) Sem-IV13/08/2015
>M.Sc. (Zoology) Sem-IV13/08/2015
>M.Sc. (A.M.C.) Sem-IV13/08/2015
>M.Sc.(Forensic Science) Sem-IV13/08/2015
>B.Sc.Hon's School in Economics Sem-II13/08/2015
>M.A. (Theatre & Television) Sem-IV13/08/2015
>M.A. (Dance) Sem-IV13/08/2015
>M.A. (J.M.C.) Sem-IV13/08/2015
>B.C.A. Sem-IV (Regular)11/08/2015
>B.Lib. Sem-II11/08/2015
>M.Sc.Environmental Science Sem-IV11/08/2015
>B.Com.Professional Sem-II10/08/2015
>M.A. Religious Studies Part-II10/08/2015
>B.A.L.L.B. Sem-VIII10/08/2015
>B.P.E Part-II ( 3 yrs)10/08/2015
>M.A. Political Science Sem-IV08/08/2015
>B.Ed. M.R. Sem-II07/08/2015
>M.A. Persian  Sem-II07/08/2015
>M.A. Women Studies Sem-II07/08/2015
>M.A. Punjabi Hon's Sem-I07/08/2015
>M.Com. Sem-IV07/08/2015
>M.Sc. A.T.H.M. Sem-IV07/08/2015
>M.Sc. Human Genetics Sem-IV07/08/2015
>B.Sc. H.H.M. Sem-VI07/08/2015
>B.Sc. A.T.H.M. Sem-VI07/08/2015
>M.Sc. Psychology Sem-IV06/08/2015
>M.A. Hindi Part-II05/08/2015
>M.Com. Finance Sem-II05/08/2015
>B.P.E. & B.P.Ed. Part-I & II Deficit05/08/2015
>M.Sc. I.T. Part-II ( Annual/Lateral Entry )03/08/2015
>M.A. Film & TV Production Sem-I03/08/2015
>B.C.A. Sem-II  ( Regular Students )03/08/2015
>B.C.A. Part-I (Annual)31/07/2015
>B.Com. Improvement Annual30/07/2015
>M.B.A. Sem-IV C.C.30/07/2015
>B.Tech.(E.C.E) Sem-III30/07/2015
>B.A. Hon's Course in Social Sciences Sem-II28/07/2015
>P.G.D.C.A. Sem-II27/07/2015
>B.A. Improvement24/07/2015
>M.Com. Hon's Sem-II23/07/2015
>M.A. Sociology Part-II23/07/2015
>M.A. Economics Sem-IV23/07/2015
>Punjabi Praveshika May-201523/07/2015
>M.B.A. Global Sem-IV22/07/2015
>M.B.A. Five Year Integrated Sem-VI & Sem-X22/07/2015
>B.A.J.M.C. Sem-IV22/07/2015
>B.A.L.L.B. Sem-VI22/07/2015
>B.Sc. Tourism Management Sem-VI22/07/2015
>B.A.I,II,III Punjabi Compulsory on M.O.P. Basis20/07/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.B.A. Sem-IV18/07/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) B.Tech TV & Film Production Sem-VIII17/07/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) B.Ed Sem-II17/07/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.B.A. Financial Management Sem-VI17/07/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) B.P.Ed. Sem-II17/07/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) B.A.Hon's Part-III17/07/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.Com Hon's ( 5 Yrs IC) Sem-VI15/07/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) b.A.Hon's School in Gurmat Sangeet Sem-VI15/07/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.A.( Education, Women Studies ) Sem-I15/07/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.A.( Economics, Sociology) Sem-I ( Reappear )14/07/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) B.A.L.L.B. Sem-X14/07/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.A. ( Linguistics, Tabla ) Part-I & II13/07/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.A. Philosophy Part-II13/07/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) B.A. J.M.C Sem-VI13/07/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) B.A. Hon's School in Dance Sem-VI11/07/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.A.Business Economics Sem-I10/07/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) B.P.Ed.Three Year Part-III10/07/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.A. Punjabi Part-II10/07/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.A. Sanskrit Part-II10/07/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.A. Women Studies Part-I10/07/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.A. Public Administration Part-II10/07/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) D.P.Ed. Part-II09/07/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.Tech. (C.S.E.) Sem-I09/07/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.Tech. Sem-I  Regular/Part Time Students09/07/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.Sc. Statistics Sem-IV09/07/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) L.L.B. Sem-VI09/07/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) Add On Certificate Course Sem-I09/07/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) Master of Leadership Development (M.L.D.) Sem-I07/07/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) B.C.A. Sem-VI Reappear07/07/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.P.Ed. Part-II06/07/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) B.B.A Sem-VI06/07/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) B.A. Hon's School in History Sem-VI06/07/2015
>B.Sc Sem-VI  (Medical , Non-Medical) (For All Students)05/07/2015
>B.Com (Professional) Sem-VI05/07/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) B.A (Professional) Sem-VI05/07/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) B.A.F Sem-VI05/07/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) B.Sc Bio-Technology Sem-VI05/07/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) B.Com Sem-VI04/07/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) B.A. Additional04/07/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) B.Sc.(Bioinformatics, Home Science, Industrial Microbiology) Sem-VI04/07/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.B.A. Applied Sem-VI03/07/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.B.A. Global Sem-I03/07/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.Com. Hon's Part-IV Sem-VIII03/07/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.Com. Hon's Part-V Sem-X03/07/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) B.A. Hon's JMC Sem-V03/07/2015
>Punjabi university (PU) M.C.A. Sem-VI

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